The People’s Emporium was born out of a desire to know how and where our products were made… as well as a minor, potentially divorce-inducing obsession with homewares. Wanting to shirk the requirement to take drugs for this addiction, old university friends, Laura Fearnall and Claire Hamer-Stubbs decided to start a homewares brand that was about the people that actually make the products and of course, the quality of the products themselves. Supporting artisan producers on our home turf in Great Britain, as well as working with people worldwide to create and sell truly unique and contemporary products… without the ‘ethnic’ look.

The whole concept was created over a catch up coffee, well, actually it was more of a Red Bush tea, and in handleless cups none-the-less! Yet, The People’s Emporium took some time to come to fruition for the duo, who hold down day jobs running a PR agency and managing product sustainability for the UK's largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer, respectively. In truth, Laura and Claire spawned six children between the two of them during this period, yet this need to create a brand that provides totally unique and contemporary homewares, by people they know and trust, was invincible.

The People’s Emporium… creating conversations for your home.


Design – Rebecca Hoyes 

Responsible for Habitat’s return to form in recent years, Designer Rebecca Hoyes doesn’t sit still for long. When she’s not teaching textile design at Central Saint Martins, Rebecca recently left Habitat to concentrate on developing textile ranges and rugs with artisan groups using traditional techniques for a contemporary market. In addition to this, she also continues her freelance design work from her Shoreditch studio… where the magic happens and where many of The People’s Emporium designs were born. Including the legendary ‘Fearnall’ bird, which was created by Japanese designer, Aki Ueda.

Laura and Claire first chanced upon Rebecca on a train home from Paris. Having visited Maison et Objets, an obviously hilarious Laura, told an obviously hysterical Claire a very unfunny joke that resulted in Claire spraying Rebecca’s face with water across the table. Thirty minutes of apologies later, the three ladies got chatting. Upon discovering that Rebecca designed for Habitat and realising that Claire had literally just spat over Jesus in Laura’s mind, the outpouring of The People’s Emporium idea began. Rebecca totally got the concept and was immediately on board (excuse the train pun), so the team never looked back.

Rebecca’s background is in printed textiles, which is clear in the unique designs that she has created for The People’s Emporium, encouraging the team to use hand crafted patterns using digital printing techniques, creating what we believe to be unique, fresh, contemporary and ultimately, the perfect conversation for your home.

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